Contours vol. 2

Secrets of the Microcosmos Contours vol. 2 takes our exploration into the versatility of obscure 140 BPM music further into the depths of the (micro)cosmos. Same as the first volume, we linked up with Micronavt [...]

Contours vol. 1

We are excited to present to you our first various artists compilation. Contours is a series dedicated to the versatile and obscure palettes of 140 based music and left field bass. For this first [...]


Measures of Dispersion We had the real pleasure of chatting with Anna, a 32 year old woman from Russia ( born in Moscow, based in St. Petersburg) who loves music very much. She's been [...]


Our series called PROFILES is all about presenting the work of up-and-coming and already established artists. Today, we meet for a quick chat with Elina Ivanova 'Kongoha', a young Bulgarian artist conquering different kinds of [...]


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