Our new instalment brings together Austrian beat guru Pharma and Spanish born, Bristol based photographer Clàudia Serraïma for an emotive 2 track EP illustrated in film photography.

Pharma: Hi, my name is Moritz Neuherz, I was born & raised in Vienna and I operate under the alias Pharma. I started producing in 2011 when I was 14 years old and have been working on dubstep since about 2017. I’ve had previous aliases for Drum & Bass, Footwork & Hip Hop/Trap beats that I’ve published music earlier on, but I solely focus on the Pharma moniker since my dubstep tracks seemed to be the only ones that caught attention. In 2019 I started to publish self released EP’s on bandcamp which helped me build a name & inspired me to found my vinyl-exclusive label ‘Concrete Law Records’ in 2020 with my partner in crime Sedan.


What do you think is one of the biggest challenges in creating powerful music?

Pharma: Creating any type of music that makes sense should be considered a challenge, it’s not hard to put sounds together but it is hard to make sense out of it. From chord progressions, different rhythms, to the fundamental composition of a tune, every element on its own is hard to master in my opinion. Powerful music thrives from emotion, positive or negative, so I would consider the biggest challenge to transfer one’s emotions into a corresponding feeling that the tune gives off. When purposely producing powerful or emotional music, I would highly focus on the melodic elements first and then try to build the rest of the tune around those.

Pharma: Both tracks were produced around roughly the same time, I was trying out new tempo’s around 120 bpm and came up with these ideas. ‘Hebra’ starts with haunting keys and continues to switch from a soothing 2 step beat to a babylonian inspired breakdown. ‘Wait 4 You’ doesn’t feel like anything else that I’ve ever done before. I couldn’t tell you what I was aiming for with the tune but I know it depicts exactly how I was feeling at that time. It is difficult to describe because I can’t exactly find the right words for it, but there are many thought-out details you eventually notice and appreciate if you listen to the tune in its entirety.