Conceptual Chaos

Tell us a bit more about yourself. Aspirations for the future? 

jordy:  I come from the land of Chicago Illinois. My aspirations for the future is to make music that I love & enjoy and hopefully create art full time as my career so I don’t have to get a real job one day.

8min: What I do is capture the things I see with my eyes. I wish some of those things were obvious to all. I consider focusing more on videos in the future, there seems to be more space there.

Can you define the word ‘Abstract’ in your own interpretation?

8min: Conceptual Chaos.

jordy: Liberating, free, something that isn’t influenced by space or time it just is.

Do you think routine is important to keep inspiration alive or do you rely on the momentary burst of ideas?

jordy: Personally, I feel there’s no right or wrong way to create music, I create art from the momentary burst perspective. It always depends on my mood during that point of my life.

8min: It depends on what you do. For me personally, everything is happening at the moment with a clear idea of what will happen in post-production.

Do you have any activities or routines you do to keep your mind sharp for when it’s time to create art?

8min: Usually, nothing more than a cup of coffee and well rolled cigarette.

jordy: My routine / activities to keep myself motivated are watching films, video games, skateboarding, digging for new music as well as experiencing life as it comes day by day help and influence my art.