And Experiments

Omoidé: I’m Ray, a producer from Chicago who also happens to be an occupational therapist. I’ve been making music for the last 6-7 years on Ableton and I actually have a large personal project coming out in a few months, titled “What You Make It”. I naturally got into music just because of previous experience being a violinist when I was young, and then I took it upon myself to learn how to play the drums through playing Rock Band as a kid, and now I’m here. I think there’s so much synergy between photography and music, and a lot of the time I try to get a certain image in my mind that sets the tone of a song I make.

 Elzi: My name is Elzi Boba and I am of Bulgarian Turkish descent. I started working as a scientists in a drug discovery and development company in UK after graduating with my masters degree in pharmacology at Kings College London. I also enjoy collecting and shooting expired films and love everything analogue. Overall, I’m into experimenting in science and in photography. My interest in film photography started in 2015 with me finding a mysterious at that time camera that my sister had.  It was explained by her that the camera was broken, so i decided to roam the internet for answers. That’s how I discovered my first medium format film camera Holga HCN. But my experimentations didn’t start till 2016, when I discovered Lomography and some other articles on double exposure, red scale and, of course the film soup.

Do you think a stressful environment would push artists to create better work or hinder them?

Omoidé: I think it all depends on the person, and even then a person can have different states of mind from day to day that pushes them to create better work. From personal experience, I find that I need to be alone with all the time in the world to really push myself as opposed to trying to meet deadlines.

Elzi: I do not really thrive in stressful environment  for creating something, but i work in one. and that is why i try to separate my work from art so that my photography will thrive while i am relaxed and enjoying the life. But at the same time i experiment with photography similarly to my job. Again, my experimentations for photography work best when i am not pushed nor pressured. I like doing this at my own pace. I would say, to give the best creative achievements, you should listen to yourself and believe what you are doing is the best, without worrying about what others say about (negative mostly).

What are some visual techniques you like to use in your photography?

Elzi: Multi image filters, Multiple exposure and expired rolls of film i use most often, they are my go to techniques to get the results that i love in my art. The worlds that imagine in my mind are well translated to what I create in my art using them. And Film Soup is the main effect, liquids that react with the chemistry on the roll of film are perfectly integrated into my style of photography.

What do you do to clear your mind before getting into your work, or do you just jump straight in?

Omoidé: I usually make myself some tea and try to listen to some reference tracks on Spotify, and then I just jump in and see what happens.

Elzi: Everything that i start i start with music, if its writing, photography or just living a life. even while writing these answers I am listing to my favourite Fleetwood Mac on repeat. I love the sounds, the styles, the world that i go while listening to music, I can get the best mind clearing meditation needed at that time with music. So, i need a mood, the specific feeling in my mind to start something, create something and then i repeat that song as much as i need to be in the sound to be lost in it and create wonderful art.

What’s an important quality for people who’re just starting in their artistic craft?

Omoidé: Persistence is key. You only hear or see the successes, but the real work is in your experimentation and your “mistakes” that nobody else sees. And even in your mistakes, forgive yourself because they all serve as a foundation to whatever you do in the long run.

Elzi: Always progressing, moving forward, breaking the barriers of your reality and mind, stop listening to haters or people that don’t get it, Love what you doing Experimenting, being present in your art and not getting lost in the sea of similar photos that are well known on insta. Just be your self, break the rules, crash the silence with the fresh new ideas.