We had the pleasure of chatting with Anna, born in Moscow and currently residing in Barcelona. Her unique sound blends footwork with jungle in a new and innovative way that curls up the auditory senses with a striking palette of crisp sounds that won’t leave anyone passive on the dancefloor. We discussed her career, her work as a sound designer and composer for videos and games as well as the mechanics of booking agencies and the electronic music industry.

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Angel Simitchiev is label co-founder of Amek, a musician focused on ambient and drone, a bassist in the hardcore band Expectations and a teacher. We discuss his musical journey, his course on Sound Art which he teaches at a local university, his label, the situation and problems with vinyl releases nowadays and many more interesting topics.

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Italian composer and pianist Luca Longobardi represents the generation of classically trained musicians who incorporate the language of contemporary electronic music into their pieces, which are furthermore strongly connected to the multimedia arts. He is known for writing and directing the music to a number of immersive shows and being a key figure in bringing this rather new form of entertainment to the world spotlight. We discussed the nature of an immersive show, his work on the Van Gogh exhibit (one of the biggest successes selling 5 million tickets), the new Mozart immersive, Luca’s path as a musician, his routine and more.

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