On the Joy of Creation

Do you like to express a story behind your art or would you rather let the people interpret it their own way?

Katerina: Yes, there are always stories behind my pictures, but I like to see people’s interpretations of it as well. Sometimes it is so very surprising. =)

Regular Ass Dude: I think that all music is open to interpretation by the listener. I personally don’t usually have a story I’m telling, but typically it’s a mood or raw emotion. My album “Happily Never After” I would consider a story of songs I created through raw feelings over a two year period of a relationship. It walks through the cycle of a relationship and different stages of the feelings, love and fear and heartbreak. It was not a planned story, but just kind of happened. 

Is there any prevalent emotion in your work?

Regular Ass Dude: I can’t say there is one emotion that is most prevalent. I write music inspired by a lot of emotions. Heartbreak, love, anxiety, depression, happiness, or inspired by wanting to make a crowd move. 

Katerina: I can’t really say. It is like if you are flying somewhere with a full speed to reach this pure joy of creation and never can’t stop..

What is your most inspirational sphere outside your own and why?

Katerina: Music. Because it has no physical form, but it is everywhere and it is unending.

Regular Ass Dude: My inspiration comes from a lot of different sources. I would consider myself to be a very observant person. I am constantly pulling concepts and ideas through different sources whether it’s a music festival and watching what moves a crowd, movies and emotions that are created through scenes, graffiti and digital designs and video games are all very inspiring.