e s p: I’m Kane and I make music under the name e s p, I am originally from New Zealand although my family moved to Australia when I was young, and I have been overseas for the majority of the last 8 years now which has been a blast. My musical journey and influences are always changing as I’m constantly taking inspiration from different cultures and music I come across during my travels. Although I am making a pretty wide variety of beats and styles I am mostly making bass heavy music at 140bpm.

Kieran: I moved to Devon, South West England, 6 years ago, where the coastline has stimulated my love of nature, becoming a big part of my photography.

Kieran: I work as a graphic designer and realise digital photography will always have an important place but analogue photography gives an unpredictability which I love. Initially I used a Yashica 635 but realised I needed something more instant and the Polaroid SX70 gave me that and more. Every shot has to be thought about, light and composition are so important to me, and the fine grain and textural images the SX70 produces highlight perfectly the fragility and vulnerability of nature.


Can you share your techniques on processing the photos? 

Kieran: Firstly I take apart the polaroid. I love the random, distressed border which is created below the white frame of the polaroid. If I want to take the process further the polaroid is then soaked in water for anything up to a week, the longer the soaking the more distressed the image will become.

What draws you to this particular style of music? 

e s p: One of my close friends got me into the music quite a long time ago now, although it wasn’t really until I turned 18 and went to some nightclubs and heard the music played on a sound system where I really became hooked on the music. Around this time, let’s say 10 years ago, was when I was really inspired and wanted to get into trying to learn a digital audio workstation and make music. I’m still learning haha, but it’s a lot more fun now than it used to be. Although I don’t listen to too much Dubstep in my personal times these days, I still get the same feeling I used to when I go to parties and hear it out loud.