Our series called PROFILES is all about presenting the work of up-and-coming and already established artists. Today, we meet for a quick chat with Elina Ivanova ‘Kongoha’, a young Bulgarian artist conquering different kinds of fields with her work – from drawing and murals, to art installations and organizing events.

Kongoha: ‘What can I say, I’ve found myself an artistic name and I just grabbed the wave. Full on time studded with creative energy and hard work is my safe house and my heart.’

Tell us about some of the recent works you’ve done.

Recently I’m more into working on bigger pieces and installations. This year I’ll work on reconstructing ,,Kongoha” into a more interactive and design vision of my style.  

What do you think that an art form has to possess in order for it to be memorable and make people come back to it?

I believe that the soul of the piece is the most important part of the recipe. Inspiration and passion in general, not only when we talk about art, is the movement of life.

What has brought the biggest influence on you in terms of growing as an artist and wanting to create the things that you do?

Actually electronic music brought the biggest influence,  by opening my inner self for a more experimental kind of living my life . The cycle and metamorphosis of everyday life make me  work as hard as I can. 

Do you listen to music while creating art? What do you think about the synergy between audio and visual arts?

Audio and visual communication are deeply connected. For me, they are the perfect atmosphere just to be. Art is another form of verbal communication and when you connect audio and visual art you offer your senses endless space full with pleasure and knowledge about the world around you 

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