The Art of Letting Go

I’m Soukah, a producer and a DJ from southern Germany representing the darker, cinematic side of dubstep.
I’ve been DJing and producing for over 14 years now, inspired by dub, dubstep as well as gothic and industrial music, which gives my tracks a dark and atmospheric touch.

I try to take my listeners on a journey with my tracks and DJ sets and give them an euphoric feeling in a meditative way.
Music you can experience in a dance, come back to or listen to on a rainy Sunday. I hope to set emotions free and expand the horizon in a positive way for my listeners.

ZeroA is the moniker of Herwig Claeys, living near Leuven (Belgium). As ZeroA, I create music and visual imagery. Music and visual arts have always been intertwined in my world, each medium serving as a catalyst for the other. Photoshop and music software came to the rescue as ways to express myself in a creative way, besides my work as a psychologist and web designer.

Concerning my visual work, I’m not a traditional photographer but like to create composites in Photoshop mixing elements from various sources into something new.

Soukah: ‘The Art To Die’ is one of my rare ambient tracks I worked on over a long period. Always coming back to this to get my head free and lean back and just dive into the sound itself. The title’s meaning is therefore not dying as a person but more the thoughts which keep you awake at night.
So close your eyes and dive into it.

ZeroA: Soukah’s track ‘The art to Die’ with its dark ambient textures was inspirational for me. As was a lot of his other work on Soundcloud, like ‘The art of the devil pt.3’. Soukah’s music is very often not easy and immediately accessible, but when you allow yourself to immerse in his creations it can spark a journey of sound, emotion and inner exploration. He uses abstract rhythm patterns, cinematic soundscapes and strange vocal samples to create something unique and bewildering. For me it explores the deeper existential realms in our consciousness. Something that can not be expressed by words and rationality.

While listening to his music I made these monochrome and rather dark composites to reflect on what I felt.