City Scapes vs Nature

YMPRL: I mostly rely on sudden inspiration, which can come anywhere at anytime, as my tracks are mostly influenced by common daily situations or by random thoughts that flash through my mind. Even though each and every track of mine sets a certain mood, I never try to tell a specific story with my tracks. I believe that everyone should be able to interpret it according to his current mood, views on life, etc.

Antonio Georgiev: These photos represent a complete sequence of feelings and emotions typical for every cycle. From the birth, through its climax until the death of every idea dramatic transformations are experienced, but in the end, everything finishes right where it started. This track took me to the busy streets of the big city, as well as to the quiet meadows and forests of the mountain. The cityscapes represent the hustle and bustle we usually try to break away from, while the nature photos are symbolizing the harmony and peacefulness helping you to open your senses and enjoy little things.