Lush Melancholy

FLO: I’m Dan, I am 25 years old from Slovenia. Music, and Annie (my girlfriend’s dog) are my main love in life, haha. I discovered FL studio in 2009 but only started taking it seriously around 2017. As a kid, I found drum & bass music by playing video games online where everyone was using this genre in Counter-Strike montages. I was instantly hooked to the huge basslines by Spor, Black Sun Empire, Telemetrik, and other similar artists. I only wanted to understand and be able to create the long Reese basses that they did and that’s how I got into FL more and more. Slowly I grew up and got a bit tired of the whole Neurofunk hype I naturally gravitated towards more slower bass-driven music that I also try and create today. Nowadays I just create monthly content for Patreon and do self releases every 1-2 months. 🙂

Michelle: I am an artist and reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia in the US. I’m a single Mum with two sweet offspring whose energy, novelty, and curiosity inspire me daily. Photography is my most passionate job but not my primary source of income — I hope that will change one day.

What is the primary emotion most present in your work?

Michelle: I enjoy asking the audience what the primary emotion is that they feel in my work. If I had to choose an emotion that I typically pull from when I’m creating it’s likely some sense of melancholy or the Portuguese word, “saudade.”

FLO: In my most recent music, I strive for feelings of vastness, peace, and solitude. However, I don’t focus on it too much. Each song should have its own flavour.

If you could describe your sound/visuals with a natural element which one would it be?

FLO: Hmm, water? I hope for lush and deep sonic elements.

Michelle: In describing my visual style it mostly identifies with water. It is a heavy atmosphere that attracts me most; whether it be a dense fog, some type of inclement weather, or the unpredictable way that the ocean moves.

Favourite synths and instruments you like to use?

FLO: For the synths, it’s Harmor and Phaseplant. I find comfort in granular synthesis. As for the Instruments I really like Rhodes and saxophones.