Secrets of the Microcosmos

Contours vol. 2 takes our exploration into the versatility of obscure 140 BPM music further into the depths of the (micro)cosmos. Same as the first volume, we linked up with Micronavt studio who created unique visuals by shooting organic materials under microscope.

It features label regulars and some incredibly talented newcomers. We welcome producers Soukah, SMYAH, Moshino, Khromi, Mob Killa, Teffa, Kontent, Sentient, Kyoshe, HORHE.

Micronavt: For this release, I selected some caffeine and sulphur crystals. In order to create the samples, I melted the
substances on glass slides. It’s very interesting to see how the melted liquid cools down and crystallises
in a couple of seconds. Sulphur makes those beautiful feather-like flows rich in colours. And caffeine, due
to it’s higher melting temperature results in structures with incredible amount of details. The images
were shot with a microscope in polarised light.

How does sound influence your work?

Micronavt: There’s always music playing while I work. For me it’s a part of the creative atmosphere for
experimenting and playing with visuals. So sound definitely has a great influence on what I do.