Film Burns and Jazz

Vienna: Vienna operates from a small studio buried in the heart of Montreal, QC, Canada. The Vienna catalogue consists of mostly vinyl rips & vintage keyboard chords overtop a rhythmic foundation based on 90s Low End Theory. So long as your body moves, our mission is accomplished. Please enjoy this small sample of JAZZ. 

Filmadelyx: This series of images explores getting used to absence, forgetting and acceptance. Despite our efforts to avoid them, heartbreaks happen to all of us and it’s not an easy process. No matter how hard we try to forget a person, their image reappears in all kinds of ways. Forgetting their smell, learning to calmly pass by their house, accepting ourselves can take enormous amount of cigarettes, porn and time. But we need to snap out of it. At the end of this process, the raindrops stop, sun rays break through the clouds and we get used to the new day and a new, stronger self.

I decided to shoot this series on 35mm film to recreate the nostalgic feeling and to focus more on the emotion rather than the technical aspects.