Moonlit Sceneries

Our new instalment brings together South African producer sptmbr yngstr. and Bulgarian photographer Spasiyana Sergieva. Romàrio (sptmbr yngstr.), based in Cape Town, has been making music for just over 2 years but has already caught the attention of some major platforms such as Soulection and RedBull.

sptmbr yngstr.: I made this track to symbolise when night turns to day. Falling asleep while listening to smooth tunes and waking up to the sound of your alarm in the morning, ready for a new day and new adventures. I always make music in relation to how I’m feeling in a specific moment of time, so I just want people to enjoy & relate to the music I put out. If any of my tracks makes someone’s day better then that’s all that matters to me.

Spasiyana Sergieva: In my project, I place focus on the dynamics of urban space captured in its contrasting features and its similarities and oppositions. Through the projects, I show the contrast between movement of the city and the human life, placed in the geometric statics of urban architecture. The photographs I chose demonstrate the dynamics of architecture, the city that comes alive in the colours and lights, which is the life that reminds of the rhythm of music.