“Well, maybe there’s hope hiding in the sun and the green grass”

SMYAH: I created Sound in Picture with the idea of connecting with more people and creating a new medium of expression that hasn’t been explored by any other media before. Most of my music has that melancholic feeling and it’s usually heavily influenced by rain and lightning storms. I like to take my field recorder when I go wandering outside and capture different ambient sounds which I insert in the tracks with tons of effects. I’d say my sound is cinematic and goes well with pictures and stories. 

Frena Fouquet: My work is a huge cocktail of emotions. You can feel the loneliness of one individual and then you are slapped with the colourful nature and you think “well, maybe there’s hope hiding in the sun and the green grass”. The story is a mix of my fatality as a human and the purifying power of nature.  

I used my old Zenit E, my Pentax P30 and only one of the photos is made with my favorite lomo toy- Skina Sk 105.   My film choices were Fujifilm and Kodak, both 200 and 35 mm.