Merian Nikolova

My name is Merian and I’ve been doing photography for some time now.

I’ve been inspired by different things over time, but the urban environment and architecture have the strongest influence on my photographs. I’ve always looked at our environment as a mirror of the time in which we live in, and that is why I am interested in exploring and showing elements of it that are often overlooked.
In 2020, I managed to realize my first project called “Urban and human lines”, guided by the theme’s objects – architecture and body, where the contrast between straight and curved was presented.

As a result, my interest in clean and straight forms took me to abstract compositions. “Simplicity-Power” – is the basis of my latest collages, where I experiment with paper textures and simple geometric shapes.

“I do not start, because I’m not comfortable with starting. As well as the end is not comfortable for me to have. It is not very spatial between them when they exist. That’s why without them, I offer myself more” -8min


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