Hello World

Kamen: “Our work process with Lubo is based on trust. We’ve been working together for years and for this track, we decided that I will compose the music first and then he will shoot the images. After running a Stranger Things marathon, I was very inspired by the soundtrack and decided to go for this nostalgic and futuristic vibe for the track. This retro-futuristic mood is so popular nowadays and we wanted to recreate a journey into Space in which the only important thing is the process itself. It’s been a while since I just let go in the process without thinking what’s next and where the track is going. The guitar solo at the end is done by Boris Trifonov – one of the best guitarists I have ever met.

Lubo: “As obvious as it is, all of the photos are in the darker parts of the spectrum. The intention behind this was to try and show the real beauty of black. Whoever paid attention in school knows that black is actually nothing other than the absence of color. In this collection, I try to show how beautifully the absence of color can be complemented by the presence of color, how black can help other colors pop, have depth and variation of hue. I personally associate black with mystery, elegance, and sophistication and that’s what I strive for in this sequence. The order in which the photos are put is also no accident. I tried to have the colors from one photo flow into the next one smoothly, starting with the playful blue greeting message and ending with the sexy red saxophone solo.