Pieces of a Puzzle

Fdluxx: I come from the England, UK, currently residing in Australia, near Perth. Just a weird dude trying to make a career out of music and make people feel something when they listen to my music, oh and I love Impractical Jokers and am kind of obsessed with UK Drill. I chose Alan Watts, because I’m a fan of his work and what he said in the excerpt I used was very hard-hitting to me. What pushes me to make music? Desire of not living an ordinary/average life.

Ivelina Petkova: I recieved the track and listened to it once, with my headphones on, laying on my bed. When I was done listening to it I saw that it was on replay and an hour has passed without me noticing. It all felt almost like meditation and I decided to go for that look with the project. I wanted to show my personal experience with it, where my mind went in that hour. My main focus while choosing the photographs was time. Showing how things and people change as time passes and that before you know it you will be old.