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I am Elzi Boba – a scientist, film photographer, collector, dreamer and explorer of other worlds with photography and writing. I would describe my style of photography as magical, out of this world, saturated and colourful. I like to go crazy with experiments most of the time, I like the stillness, textured and a wonderous effect of the image if it was a vintage impressionist painting. The one that has to hide feelings (or maybe even scream them out to the world) with immaculate paint strokes, with its colour and structure.

Nature is my biggest inspiration. I like quirky little things in nature, little delicate flowers that grow from stone, mysterious mountains that have been here for centuries or nature that is quickly changing with seasons and people’s actions. I would think that I enjoy finding small details and colour in places that don’t offer much saturation or depth. I also like making from a simple motif of trees an intricate and haunted, visualization of a dream-like concept.